Formerly the Tellico Village Vintage Vehicles Club

Tellico Car Club


Tellico Car Club 

 Loudon, Tennessee  

Constitution And By-Laws 


Section 1: The official name of the Club is Tellico Car  Club, Loudon Tennessee.  

Section 2: The emblem of the Club is to be agreed by  the BOD and presented to the membership for approval. 

Section 3: The official website of the Club is


Section 1: To promote interest in various forms of  automobiles. 

Section 2: To create good fellowship and  sportsmanship among all members of the Club. 

Section 3: To uphold the principles of good  government. 

Section 4: To conduct Club functions and activities in a  manner befitting members of the automobile hobby, and to encourage a better understanding of automobile as a  constructive hobby among members of the public,  

press, and law enforcement agencies. 

Section 5: To promote safety in driving, automobile  maintenance, and overall vehicle operations.  

Section 6: To foster and participate in charities and  scholarship activities that will benefit Loudon and  Monroe County residents. 


Section 1: Membership is open to persons having  interest in automobiles. Membership is defined as a  household paying one annual dues amount without  regard to the number of persons in household. Each  member in good standing is defined as one whose dues are current.  


Section 1: Dues for active members of the Club are to  be established by the BOD and presented to the  membership for approval and are payable to the Club  Treasure. For purposes of dues, the Club year is  January 1 through December 31.  

Section 2: Any new Members/Households who join in  October, November or December will be credited for the current year. These dues will be applied to the following  year.  


Section 1: The elected officers of the Club include;  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In  addition, one or more members of the Club may be  appointed to serve as Directors-at-Large. One of these  appointees shall be the Communication Director. The  elected officers, appointed directors and the immediate  Past President shall constitute the Board of Directors.  Section 2: A Majority of the Board of Directors  constitutes a quorum at any meeting of the Board of  Directors. 


Section 1: All nominees for any office must be active  members in good standing.  

Section 2: All elected and/or appointed officers and  Board of Directors members must remain active  members in good standing for the duration of their term  of office.  

Section 3: All officers and directors are elected at the  last meeting prior to the beginning of the new term  January 1 to December 31 and will assume office at the  first regular meeting of the new term, to hold office for 12 months or until their successors are duly elected  and qualified.  

Section 4: Nominations must be made from the floor  during a regular meeting.  

Section 5: Elections of officers will be decided by a  majority vote of all members voting. A majority of the  active Members/Households present and in good  standing constitutes a quorum.  

Section 6: Each Members/Household shall have one  vote.  


Section 1: The President will preside over all meetings  of the Club; serve as Chairman of the Board of  Directors; act as ex-officio member of all committees;  issue the call for regular and special Board of Director  meetings; schedule regular elections and be sure they  are held in accordance with this Constitution and these  By-Laws; and carry out the directives of the Board of  Directors.  

Section 2: The Vice President will perform all duties of  the President in his absence. The Vice President will  also perform all duties assigned as required at the  direction of the President.

Section 3: The Secretary will record and maintain the  minutes of the regular, special meetings and the Board  of Directors meetings; give notice of all regular anspecial meetings of the membership and the Board of is Directors; and supervises all records of the Club. Email  is the primary method (the website is the secondary  method) for communication with Members/Households.  The Secretary will send the minutes and updates for the email list to the Communication Director for updating the website and the distribution list.  

The Secretary shall be the secondary contact with the  Club’s bank and the secondary signer on the deposit  account.  

Section 4: The Treasurer will collect dues and all funds  owed the Club and disburse funds as appropriate. In  order to insure accountability, the Treasurer shall be the  primary contact with the Club’s bank (currently  BBT/Truist in Tellico Village) and primary signer on the  deposit account. The Treasurer will maintain sufficient  records to insure the Club’s monies are accounted for  properly. The Treasurer will account for maintain the  Club’s assets and personal property. The Treasurer will  maintain the “Members/Households in good standing”  records of the Club, send up dates of these records to  the Communication Director and make regular reports  to the Board and General Membership as requested.  

Section 5: The Board of Directors constitutes the  Executive Board of the Club.  Responsible for the execution, through its officers, of  the authorized policies: by majority vote, fills vacancies  in any office or the Board of Directors; and submits to  the Club during regular meetings any recommendations  affecting the policies of the Club which have been  previously approved.  


Section 1: A majority of the active members present  and in good standing constitutes a quorum.  

Section 2: Regular membership meetings will be held  once a month, or as called for by the board of Directors, at a time and place set forth by the Board of Directors.  

Section 3: Meetings of the Board of Directors will be  held every month, or as called for by the Board of  Directors at a time and place set forth by the Board of  Directors.  

Section 4: Special membership meetings and special  Board of Directors meetings can be called by the  President.  

Section 5: Roberts Rules of Order will be applied during  meetings to effect parliamentary procedure, unless  otherwise amended and provided for in the bylaws.  

Section 6: The order of business for all meetings of the  Club and the Board of Directors is as follows;  

A) Call to order  

B) Introduction, members and visitors  

C) Secretary’s report, approval of previous  meeting’s minutes as posted on the website  D) Treasurer’s report 

E) Old and continuing business  

F) New business  

G) Announcement  

H) General discussion  

I) Adjournment 

Special meeting programs, such as speakers,  presentations, etc. shall be included in the order of  business as deemed appropriate by the President.  


Section 1: Delegations will be appointed by the  President, but are subject to the approval of the Board  of Directors, to represent the Club at any convention,  meeting, or assembly that may be deemed necessary.  Any/all delegations are authorized to exercise only  those powers specifically vested in them by the Board of Directors.  


Section 1: The Club constitution and by-laws can be  amended at any regular meeting or special meeting of  the membership. Any proposed amendments must have been approved by the Board. The Membership will be  informed of the meeting via E Mail sent to the address  on file with the Secretary. This email will include the  current wording and the proposed changes. A majority  of members present and in good standing constitutes a  quorum. If the Member will not be able to attend the  meeting, he can still vote by replying to the email  indicating a yea or nay. The Secretary will tabulate the  results and add them to the vote at the meeting.  

Section 2: Approval and accepted amendments take  effect immediately.