Formerly the Tellico Village Vintage Vehicles Club

Tellico Car Club


The caravan rules we follow

* Group limit to 5-10 cars max.

* Leaders follow rules of the road no more than 5 mph over.

* Lead and tail cars have radio communication.

* Cars maintain no more than 2-3 car lengths gap.

* Lead car pulls off if group is split because of traffic lights 🚦 etc.

* Planned stop points.

* Lights on.

* The other option is to set a meeting point to group up during the drive and allow all cars to get there at their own pace.  Set a time, place and regroup for the next point till the destination is reached.  This works better for long day drives and overnight trips.

Other car shows

This link  Car Show Link  allows the user to display shows that are contained in the "MotionU" website.  You can select the radius of the search, the types of show(s) that you are interested in and a date range.  The accuracy of the content is determined by the creators of that website. Click on the link below to initiate the search